ICESE-2017 Opening Ceremony was held on 25 November 2017

Opening ceremony keynote speakers were from academia and industry such as Prof. Dr. Nasir El Bassam, director of the International Research Center for Renewable Energy (IFEED) from Germany, Prof. Hans-Liudger Dienel is study dean of the education school of TU Berlin, director of the institute of Vocational Education and Work Studies and holds the chair of Work, Technology and Participation. Dr. Sadeghzadeh as a deputy minister of power and the head of renewable energy and energy efficiency organization (SATBA), Dr. Vatankhah, Secretary of Energy Technology Development Headquarter, Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology, Prof. Dr. Ajdarzade, Director in Aekip SA and scientific consultant in EPFL and Dr. Aminzadeh, Head of energy law studies center

 conference program included paper presentations and 25 workshops

papers presentations

Special issues of the “Journal of Solar Energy Research (JSER)” and “Journal of Renewable Energy and Environment (JREE) ” will come out with selected papers presented at ICESE-2017